FUNCTION: To obtain better sound quality by improving audio signal’s grounding and mains earthing performance of audio equipment. The SGS can deeply absorb unwanted noise out allowing for the noise floor to be lowered. Noise such as Electrostatic discharge ( ESD ) , Radio frequency interference ( RFI ) and Electromagnetic interference ( EMI ) as well as High frequency noise, thus releasing hidden audio details which were being covered by the noise before. 

SOUND IMPROVEMENT: Overall dynamic expression , three dimensional soundstage , background darkness , density , vocal smoothness , instruments seperation , space hierarchy , clarity and transparency and in particular timbre.

HOW TO USE: Suitable for any audio equipment, including conventional hi-fi , home theatre , desktop audio to ultra high end audio systems. PLUG & PLAY . By using our multi – purpose connection cable SGS1 ( 1 metre included ) connect the SGS to a – signal grounding point like a RCA/XLR socket , chassis screw or a negative end of a loudspeaker binding post. 
For mains connection , please use our dedicated mains connection cable SGS1M ( optional ). If using RCA or XLR please use our RCA1 or XLR1 connection cable ( optional ). 
£285.00 inc shipping ( UK ) and spade to spade 1metre special cotton inner and outer solid core cable.