Signature Origin Century ultra-high resolution, Hyper Current stereo power amplifier by Frans de Wit is another interesting product, that will be presented in Munich High End Audio Show 2017 (Zenith Halle with new Suesskind BEO LX speakers). 
The ‘Signature One’ combines a new look with a new sound quality not matched by previous designs. The new look, most notably the smooth glass front panel, which may be lighted in any color (selectable by the owner), will be a pleasure to watch and something to admire for years to come.

However, this amplifier is not about looks, it is all about sound quality. For this a complete new direction of amplifier development has been chosen, this is a “trans-conductance (current feedback) current conveyor” amplifier, we like to call it Hyper Current Amplifier.

The internal power gain is provided by an innovative newly developed voltage- to-current converter followed by a low-current to high-current stage. The power, high-current, stage is constructed around a pair of “balance insulated- gate Darlington’s” that combine N and P type transistors, in a set of current- dumping sources, driving each rail-voltage.
After a design stage, taking 7 years, this technology is now mature enough to be presented to the ‘High-end’ audio community. Audio connoisseurs are for the first time in many years presented with a very exciting new technology that brings extreme quality.