New Silbatone RP300 300B Amplifier.

Silbatone writes: “While not the fanciest or most exotic amplifiers Silbatone has produced, the JI-300 and R-300 series have always been among our favorites due to the unexcelled musical performance of a single Western Electric 300B in a well-optimized circuit. It is tremendous fun to explore the world of tubes, but it is always nice to come home to the 300B.”

The RP-100 Amplifier takes our house recipe one step further, with results that surprised and delighted us. A new current feedback driver topology using a silver-wired interstage transformer, a select NOS 12AY7/6021, and a Bendix 6900 is directly-coupled all the way through to the 300B grid. Low distortion with a big drive! There are no caps, only silver litz wire, and tubes in the signal path. The output transformer is a monster version of our semi-silver foil output, built on an insanely large EI-114 75% nickel core. The power supply was also enhanced with an even bigger, low-resistance transformer for maximum current delivery on demand.
When we first auditioned this recent chapter in Silbatone 300B amplifier development, we were shocked by the sense of massive power the 300B power stage developed! The bass is fast, detailed, and very deep. The amp presented all of the harmonic rightness and quality of timbre that we expect from a 300b, with even more dynamic control and resolution. From the first few notes, we knew we had entered a revolutionary new phase of our long love affair with this classic Western Electric tube.
The Silbatone RP-300 Amplifier will be a revelation for newcomers to the 300B and old hands alike. If you want to experience the highest level of performance available anywhere in a medium-power single triode amp, you must audition for the RP-300!