New SOtM dCBL-CAT8M Ethernet Cable.

The SOtM dCBL-CAT8M has been tested and verified in the dedicated system using three sets of sNH-10G, a PC equipped a sMB-Q370, sNI-1G, tX-USBhubIN, and sCLK-EX, and two sets of tX-USBultra, all these devices are synced by a master clock, sCLK-OCX10. The dCBL-CAT8M articulates the sound improvement clearly by added single sNH-10G one by one with much clearer transparency as if a closed door were being opened, the distinctly different textures of each instrument that was hiding in the previous system. the music can become in real that were not surely lacking before.

How it is different from other Ethernet cables?
  • As the product name, dCBL-CAT8M it supports a signal bandwidth of 2000MHz, which is the Cat.8 specification.
  • The cable’s structure itself supports Cat8.2, which means that the cable’s internal structure and shield
  • performance are the most optimized for Ethernet signal transmission among existing Ethernet cables.
  • The connectors support Cat8.1 that maximize the cable performance.
  • And M is an abbreviation of Master. For a special sound worthy of the word, Master, the two filter
  • blocks at each end of the cable protect the purity of sound from being deteriorating network signal.
The length for the dCBL-CAT8M is starting from 1.5M.
  • dCBL-CAT8M : US$1200
  • dCBL-CAT8M Christmas Edition : US$1000_Limited Qty only
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