SOtM’s first master clock device will be unveiled!
The sCLK-OCX10 is a SOtM’s first master clock device that outputs high-precision clock signals using a very precise and ultra low-noise 10MHz OCXO.

It will be revealed for the first time in the world at RMAF 2017 and the world first demonstration will be held during the show hours, please come and experience its remarkable performance at Room 3000.

A device that uses a 10MHz master clock input can achieve a dramatic sound improvement by the performance of the 10MHz master clock and the sCLK-OCX10 will prove how the good quality of 10MHz master clock should be performed.
Also SOtM is planning to launch the new cable line up, and in this time, the new inter cables, power cables, speaker cables, and USB cable would be demoed and displayed.
Please visit the room 3000 at RMAF, you could see and experience all SOtM products and the main demo system with Magico S1 Mk II would beautifully play music.
SOtM’s all products including the forthcoming products prove and will certainly tell what the real value of audio products should be.
SOtM will become the most important partner in your music life.