New Sublima Audio Research Laboratory MC Cartridge.

Alex Cereda from Sublima Audio Research Laboratory writes: “This cartridge is the first in the world to be built following lutherie techniques. The body of the cartridge is in Italian olive wood over 200 years old, selected and tuned with the Sublima method (mechanical resonance and magnetic cavities at various frequencies). Furthermore, the body is varnished with 3 types of lacquers 2 derived from lutherie and the other a Sublima patent electromagnetic interaction varnish which allows the wood to be free from surface charges and to absorb the magnetic fluxes of the coil. The cantilever and diamond are treated with paints derived from the Jiva Sublima which improve their frequency response and timbre.”

“This cartridge has passed all the timbral tests even with the cheapest or most difficult records, returning all the harmonic content. All processes, varnishes, and ideas were born in Alex Cereda’s Sublima Audio Research Laboratory.”
Price 2000 EUR.