New Synästec Audio Igniculus flagship phono preamplifier!

Exclusive first photos and info about the all new and upcoming Synästec Audio Igniculus (38.000 euro – tax not included) flagship phono preamplifier! Igniculus is a pure analog design pre-amplifier which follows our tradition, extremely quiet. Coming for a review at Mono and Stereo in August! Oh yes, I’m more than looking forward!!!

Highlight of the features:

  • Full differential, true balanced architecture.
  • Multiple stages of proprietary Octa-drive ultimate low noise amplifier, customized for high gain application.
  • Record breaking signal to noise ratio of better than 100dB A-weighted.
  • Four available EQ curves for legacy records: RIAA, Columbia, Decca and EMI
  • High adjustable gain. 80dB maximum for MC and 55dB maximum for MM.
  • Wide range of selectable input impedance.  50 to 470 ohm for MC, 10K to 100K ohm for MM.
  • Selectable input capacitance from 50 to 330pF. 
  • Triple isolated power supply with Mu-metal magnetic shielding.
  • Two options of input configuration: 3 x Balance + 1 x Single end or 2 x Balance + 2 x Single end