Thales Statement Arm to be unveiled exclusively at 5th AE Super Hi End Show. AE has been financing the development of this super Statement Arm for a long while. For this project, Micha hired a top notch watch maker – Flaviano Carrapa – who previously worked for ultra end watch brand – URWERK.  Exquisite mechanical skills are required for this extreme delicate mechanical piece of engineering. 

Besides the well-known advantages of the Thales Simplicity II, the new Thales Statement stands out with the following features:

  • Optimized mechanical energy-flow and new materials for more dynamic sound
  • Arm-tubes and head-shell made of special aluminium alloy with the strength of steel but 10 times higher internal damping
  • Arm-tubes curved for maximum rigidness
  • Bearing unit completely capsuled to increase the mechanical rigidity up to 100x
  • Elliptic shaping of base parts to increase critical contact surfaces
  • Diamond coating on bearing- and base-parts to increase the damping properties
  • Optimized electrical shielding properties
  • All arm-parts golden (for gold version) or nickel (for silver version) coated
  • New bearing technology to ensure low-impedance connection points from base to head
  • New fine-adjustment-mechanism for more preciseness
  • Fine adjustment device for VTA with 1/10mm scale
  • Fine adjustment device for Azimuth with 1/3° scale
  • Advanced clamping mechanism inside installation-ring to allow on-fly adjustment