New Tobian Sound Systems LS 12, 15 FH speakers

Questions to Günter Tobian: “What is the reason to expand the portfolio with the LS 12, 15 FH?”… lAs you know in terms of homogeneity is the coaxial the number one but with one drawback!! The limitation of the driver size and physical limits like size of Magnets because you have two on an axes in the same orientation or direction. So and the FH series have no limits, better Bass , mid and high quality are also better. The 12FH has a 4.0 inch high mid driver … unbelievable and the 15FH and 18FH a 4.4 inch mid high driver.”

The Bass driver has a BL factor from 26.60 T x L and the 15FH 32 T x L so I think this is World record in this class.

Three and a half years I have developed that the FH series’s plays just as homogeneously as the coaxial but with all the advantages of the FH chassis why develop three an half years , musicality and homogeneity cannot be measured, this is only through countless listening hours, prototypes and comparisons. 
Will there be other new models in addition to the LS 12, 15, 18FH?
Yes, we are currently working on a version above the LS18 FH. This is a very special speaker. Added to this time …