New Transparent Audio System Explorer

Transparent Audio is proudly introducing new System Explorer to help you find the right connections for your listening system. “Building a home audio system from the ground up or making a system more musically satisfying by upgrading some components should be fun and rewarding, but it’s complicated. There is no single component that makes up a great home audio system. It’s really all about how everything works together to create the listening experience. Making everything work together is challenging because mistakes can be costly and can result in less than satisfactory overall system performance.”

“Because cables, power cords, and power conditioning are largely hidden, they are the least understood and most underestimated components in a system. Cables, power cords, and power conditioners, however, occupy every part of every system, and as a whole have as much or more to do with the overall musical character of a system than any single core component. 


The benefits of upgrading core components like amplifiers and speakers also can’t be fully realized unless the cables connecting them are up to the task of working optimally with them. To build a great system, regardless of budget considerations or aspirations, requires putting together a system plan that includes the right performance level of cables, power cords, and power conditioning.”