Verastarr writes: “It’s a proud moment for Verastarr as we release our EVO interconnect utilizing our DirecConnect technology. This is both RCA AND XLR. The only change is how it connects inside the component. Either signal flanked by 2 grounds for RCA or Ground separating +signal and – signal for XLR. There are so many features in this design.. including zero solder and zero crimp joints which only take away from pure signal. Zero dissimilar metals the whole way which means Zero plating whatsoever. The Evo interconnect reduces breaks in the transmission line to ONLY 2 connection interfaces away from one piece of solid foil from PCB inside one component to PCB inside the other. A locking connector you can use with one hand..hello.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it folks. You could say Verastarr just stepped our game up in a big way. Look for power cords and speaker cables soon!”