New Vitus Audio SIA-030 Pure Class A Integrated Amplifier

The all new Vitus SIA-030 is a step up from the highly regarded SIA-025 MKII integrated amplifier. Here is the preliminary info…

• 2.2KVA custom design transformer, vibration suspended.
• Approx. 400.000uF precapacitor bank
• Shielded preamplifier internal “chassis”
• Airflow optimized for maximum cooling with no fans.
• Extra transformer for all logic/CPU ect.
• Secondary capacitor bank of approx. 216.000uF
• Fully regulated PSU, also for output stage – similar to what is found in our MP-M201 4 chassis mono amplifiers.
• Key regulation technology insulated in add-on modules for easy upgradability, and extra shielding.
• Everything separated nicely, and in complete mirror configuration
• Standard inputs: 2x RCA unbalanced and 3x XLR fully balanced line inputs.
• Speaker Outputs are true balanced.
• Pre-out un-balanced to be compatible with most active subs.
• RJ45/USB logical inputs for easy firmware upgrades.
• Optional Phono stage and DAC/Streamer.
• Separate input selection board. Placed directly @ input connectors.
• Main preamp board paced at shield plate, which offers good shielding from especially power transformer.
• As usual using our modular design, for easy future upgrades.
• Placed on the back of the preamplifier board.
• New design taken from the MP-L201.
• Offers 0.5dB steps on every step.
• Signal path approx. 20mm though complete volume.
• Zero influence on bandwidth.

VITUS AUDIO SIA-030 Specifications:



• 2x unbalanced RCA inputs, 3x true balanced XRL inputs

Optional Phono stage:

• 2x unbalanced RCA inputs

Optional DAC/Streamer:

• 1x AES input • 1x SPDIF (RCA) input • 1x Ethernet for streaming • 1x USB supporting upto 2x DSD • 1x Optical input for TV ect.


• 1 set balanced speaker outputs • 1x unbalanced RCA pre-out for active subs or bi-amping


• 30W kl.A in 8ohm RMS
• 200W high biased kl. AB in 8 ohm RMS.
• Powerrating almost doubles for 4 ohm
• Kl. A / AB mode switchable
• Fully regulated PSU including output stage
• Linestage gain upto 12-18dB
• Phonostage supports MC/MM with max gain upto 70dB (expected)

DIMENTIONS (WxHxD): 435x268x530mm

Weight: approx 55kg.