Von Schweikert Audio writes: “We’re not done teasing a new 2022 ULTRA flagship loudspeaker that will be on sneak peek visual display at this year’s Capital Audiofest before it’s debut next year. And our newest offering of the Electric Storm Blue featured here is available today on all our high gloss automotive finished speakers.” 

“Last sneak peak of the week. This control suite featured on our ULTRA flagship loudspeakers is one of the many technologies that set our designs apart and absolutely contributes to the unprecedented number of Best in Show awards we’ve received.

All of our designs are 100% analog and they ship from the factory with flat frequency response. But your room will have it’s say on just how good a speaker can sound in it. With our implementation of Fostex Autoformers, we allow you to achieve far more accurate performance to the recording by tuning your speaker flat in your room with this purely analog solution. 

It gives us a competitive advantage at shows as our awards demonstrate and allows us to deliver the sound of reality to you.”