New Zavfino Lycan 270g record weight


New Zavfino Lycan 270g record weight was designed and engineered utilizing a combination of carefully selected materials to reduce, absorb, dissipate and absorb external vibrations. Fits turntable bearings with a depth up to 6mm. 
Precision machined  record weight in 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Weight is a solid 270g with and with a press fit Delrin cuff separated by two silicon o-rings. The Delriin not only dampens vibration but also protects your turntable bearing from wear and scratching from continued use. The bottom of the weight utilizes a non-marking leather foot pad to further dampen the weight as well as protect your vinyl record’s label from scuffs and scratches. The Lycan is ideal for a wide range of turntables to help minimize vibration, and to keep slightly warped records flat to the platter so you can get the best performance out of your new, old and vinyl collection. 

  • Oak Isolation disc interchangeable 
  • 6061 single block aluminum 
  • PA-66 dampening screws,
  • POM/Del Bearing socket
  • Silicone dampening rings x2pcs
  • Rubber O-Ring x4pcs
  • EVA foam pad internal
  • Real leather pad external 
  • 270g
  • Colors Available: Black or Silver
Colour: Black aluminum with Oak insert