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The Mad Scientist, aka Bob Prangnell from Mad Scientist Audio again comes up with another further improvement to his already GREAT sounding cables. We just received this press kit from New Zealand.
New PLUS versions of Heretical Cables
We’re pleased to announce the introduction of PLUS versions of the Heretical Digital and Heretical Analog cables. We tried many ways to improve on the original Heretical cables – but most of the efforts failed as the ‘improved’ cables did not sound any better than the originals. But after a lot of playing about we’ve got a new design that does improve significantly on the originals.
The Heretical Digital Cable PLUS uses a passive copper foil shield and a silver-OCC wire for earth return. The Heretical Analog PLUS uses a similar copper foil shield, and uses copper-OCC wire for the earth.
Why the use of silver on digital, and copper on analog? I think it sounds more balanced that way. Although silver tends to have a clearer high-frequency presentation, it’s too much on the analog cable. On the digital it’s perfect – but remember on a digital cable the frequencies being transmitted are much higher.
Heretical Digital Plus starts at $239 with KLE Copper Harmony plugs, see link: here Heretical Analog Plus starts at $599 (stereo pair) with KLE Absolute Harmony plugs, see here: link.
As well as the PLUS versions, we have also released balanced versions of the Heretical Analog – both regular and PLUS versions. These use Neutrik XLR plugs, and a similar architecture. 
One advantage of the balanced version is that the signal only passes over carbon fiber – only the ground is wire, and this does not transmit signal on a balanced connection.


As a introductory offer, we would like to offer you 10% discount on a Heretical PLUS cable (digital or analog). To take advantage of this offer, use this voucher on the Cart page: KB4Y5BAG
Offer is open until end of May 2016. 
Note : you can’t use this voucher with any other voucher
Happy listening
Bob, The Mad Scientist
Heretical Digital Cable PLUS
We at Mono & Stereo hope to get our hands on one of the new digital PLUS cables. We already have the “old” cable as a reference and are VERY impressed every time we listen to music with this carbon fiber cable. – Kurt Lassen