Noble Audio K10U flagship in ear headphones NEW

Noble Audio’s top-of-the range universal-fit in-ear monitor, the K10U, is now available for a limited time only, in a stunning black and rose gold finish. Hand-made in the USA, the exclusive K10U B&RG, will be strictly limited to 100 pairs and available on a first-come, first- served basis, direct from
The K10U B&RG uses Noble’s award-winning 10-driver configuration, a technology which places an incredible ten drive units in each chassis, giving unrivalled sound performance amongst in-ear monitors; the same 10-driver configuration is deployed in Noble Audio’s top- performing IEMs and CIEMs (in-ear monitors; custom in-ear monitors).
The highly advanced aluminium chassis has been designed and manufactured in the USA, in conjunction with a specialist whose clients include Louis Vuitton, Dior, Marc Newson and Holly Hunt. The beautifully engineered body comprises two finished parts: a ‘flat black’ ear section and a rose-gold-plated main body, featuring the Noble Audio logo.
Gold-plating aluminium remains incredibly difficult, but Noble Audio has selected a world- leader in aluminium design to complete the process, producing a stunning high- performance monitor, with genuine exclusivity.
Pre-orders are being accepted immediately with anticipated shipping in March. The K10U B&RG will makes its debut in California at the CanJam SoCal event (March 19/20th).
About the K10U
The K10U aluminium is a ten-armature low-impedance four-way design. With ten drivers working in perfect unison, the K10U’s advanced driver array delivers a highly coherent presentation across a wide frequency range and delivers the best-ever performance from a portable IEM product.
The original K10U design was first conceptualised several years ago: Noble Audio’s ‘Wizard’ (audiologist and co-owner Dr. John Moulton AuD CCC-A) and Noble’s Kaiser Soze, reverte back to their original design, using the knowledge they gained in recent years to refine and finesse the original product.

The K10U is unchallenged at every frequency and capacity. Featuring ten drivers, assigned to bass, midrange, mid/high, high and super-high frequencies, the K10U delivers exceptional sound quality with a wonderful coherence across the spectrum.

Further features include a detachable two-pin cable and supplied accessories include a Pelican 1010 case (crush-proof carrying case); a black velvet soft pouch; 12 pairs of ear tips (four kinds in three sizes); two Noble Audio bands or amp bands; a cleaning tool; a Noble cable and an ownership card.
• 10 balanced-armature drivers per side: 2 precision-tuned bass drivers; mid- frequency drivers; mid-/high-frequency drivers; high-frequency drivers and super- high-frequency drivers
• 4-way design
• Impedance <35 i="" ohms="">
• Detachable cable with industry-standard 2-pin configuration
• High-grade machined aluminium chassis, anodized finish (plus gold-plate with B&RG)
The K10U B&RG is available now priced at £1,325 (USD $1,850) 
About Noble Audio

Noble Audio is a California-based in-ear monitor (IEM) specialist with a comprehensive product line principally designed by audiologist Dr. John Moulton AuD CCC-A. Offering universal and bespoke custom-fit monitors, the company has an international reputation for excellence across its range and is revered for its design aesthetic and exceptional sound quality.
The company’s painstakingly handcrafted custom designs, which often feature materials such as 24K gold nugget, carbon fibre, and some of the world’s most exotic woods, have earned Noble Audio a devoted global client base of discerning audiophiles. Its bespoke commissions have produced some of the most uniquely alluring audio products, representing a true juncture of art and function.
Today, Noble Audio has an extensive product portfolio from every day in-ear monitors to reference- level 10-driver custom-fit products.