NSR Audio Vibrato NS380 power amplifier

“The NSR has been dedicated to the uncompromising art of sound, with guiding principle of musical purity above all else. Key to the exemplary purity and exacting precision of the NSR NS380 is that the digital section and analog section use independent power supplies to optimize power for the cleanest, most stable signals possible. Within the space saving unit, the least cables and cords are used to reduce the sonic loss through voltage or current interference. NSR engineers spare no expense sourcing the best possible materials from around the world, and take painstaking effort hand-matching each transistor up to a merciless standard.” 
“Featuring a low distortion, high-speed, and wide bandwidth design, along with meticulously-selected 0.5PPM oscillators, the proprietary NSR signal circuit cancels virtually all the distortion and noise while maintaining a THD less than 0.03% at full power output at 380W. With a staggering 85v/uSec slew rate and a 650kHz/-3dB bandwidth, the NS380 is filled to the brim with everything you need to get every last musical note and nuance of your records—including some you may have never heard before. 
The Unique “Last Wattage” Design Philosophy 
Astonishingly neutral and truthful to the source, the NSR NS380 adds very little coloration to the music and shines in the breathtaking sound at the last wattage. The result is that the signal when amplified to high levels at 380 watt is still as pure as that of the very first watt in its black background. The unique and extraordinary “last wattage ”design philosophy is evident in every piece of NSR power amplifier. 
Industrial-grade Chassis
Housed in an uncompromising package featuring the NSR hard-and-soft sandwich-construction design in the exotic steel chassis, the internal components and other circuits are protected against electrostatic and magnetic interference and the extraneous dust and moist while offering an identical operating condition regardless of temperature and humidity.” 
●Effective Bandwidth:650kHz-3dB(Power Amp) 
●Super-low THD <0 .03="" 1khz="" div="" khz="" nbsp="" output="" power="" ull="">

●Slew Rate:85v /uSec 
●Damping Factor>800@100Hz,8Ω 
●Output Power: 200 Watt RMS/Channel@8Ω;380Watt RMS/Channel @4Ω 
●Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ±0.1dB;3Hz-650kHz -3dB 
●THD+N:<0 .03="" 1khz="" div="" khz="" nbsp="">

●Audio Input:1 pair of XLR terminals 
●Audio Output:2 two pairs of WBT gold-plated binding posts