Ocean Way Audio

Ocean Way Audio writes: “From Allen Sides: “A look behind the screen in Mr. Zhou’s private Atmos theater in Beijing. Of the 60 or so theaters our exclusive Chinese distributor has installed using Ocean Way Audio reference monitor systems, Mr. Zhou’s may be the most impressive any of us have heard anywhere to date. Mr. Zhou is a die-hard audiophile like Mr. Shen and also wanted this theater to be a superb High Fidelity music listening room. Mr. Zhou said the theater sound was simply extraordinary.

What you’re seeing behind the Screen is three Ocean Way Audio HR1 speaker systems which have uniform frequency response from 18Hz to 25kHz across their entire 90 by 40 degrees of linear dispersion. The individual channels are typically + or – .75 dB within each other. There are nine OWA S218AT subs, four OWA HR2’s (120 by 40 degrees) and four OWA HR4’s (100 by 40 degrees) used as surround channels.
Mr Zhou has a very expensive audiophile sound system in his living room upstairs from the theater. After doing a direct comparison on music, Mr. Zhou knew and simply said ‘This sounds much better with OWA!’

There are 40,000 watts of amplification in this theater.”