OMA Woodflex Acoustic Panels

OMA writes: “Not all rooms sound great; we can help you create exactly the kind of listening space you want, no matter what size. OMA’s Woodflex (TM) pure wood diffusors are a lightweight, economical, flexible and easy to install solution for diffusing the sound in rooms from small to large.

Only 22” on edge for each diffusor panel, they mount to the wall without any tools or fasteners via slotted wood strips or frames that may contain a grid of multiple diffusors. These can be of similar or differing profiles depending on the desired result.
The diffusors operate down to much lower frequency (600hz for the single arc profile) than comparable products and can be used in conjunction with absorptive material such as rock wool or fiberglass behind the diffusors to further attenuate undesired sound in a room.”