Omicron Group Tesla Stabilizer implements a few of its approaches, including the Golden Ratio, for optimized perfomance…    


Tesla is made of chrome-plated Delrin® polymer with high mechanical standards, includes 6 balls on a double dissipation system (12 balls in total). 2 adjustable golden spiral slots, one on the upper and one on the lower clamp head, and 1 on the base clamp.


Tesla is a cable holder that allows energy dissipation and regulates a magnetic flux to optimize electric current calibration on any cable. Can be used in every cable of the Hi-Fi system, including USB cables.


Before applying a magnetic field, the electrons’ current is somewhat dispersed and confused. When a magnetic field is applied in the correct orientation, the flux of electrons becomes more concentrated and the haze of electrons stray is collapsed in the center of that magnetic field, improving the transfer of electric charge.

Tesla has the property of being able to regulate this magnetic flux to optimize the calibration of the electric current on an audio system. In consideration of the fact that each audio system has completely different circulating currents both for the use of different electronics, connection cables of various types have different characteristics in the transport of electric current.


Magnetic conduction is a new form of conduction, which implements magnetic fields specially arranged to concentrate the signal inside the conductor. Electrons of the audio signal have a quantum spin that gives them their “magnetic moment” or charge. It’s this charge that allows electrons to react with magnetic fields. So using magnetic conduction devices we can guide electrons (audio signal) through the conductor in a very precise way to reduce distortion and signal loss.


Sound becomes incredibly wider, sweeter, and incredibly realistic.

The sound stage takes on a visual reality projected in 3D like a holographic projection.

The various sound levels that make up the music scene become much more marked and full-bodied, with an incredible real physicality of every single sound.

Extremely marked holographic soundstage and increased listening pleasure.


TESLA is a powerful variator of electromagnetic waves generated by the passage of current in any electrical connection cable.

TESLA is a revolutionary innovative cable holder that acts externally on the electric cables connecting electronics, speakers, power supply, etc… Without compromising the quality of the current passage in the cables.

TESLA has adjustable golden spiral slots, rotating them varies the emission of the upper magnetic field. Each variation of the golden spiral leads to a variation of the sound in real-time.


  • Model: Tesla
  • Code: Tesla 160170
  • Material: Delrin®
  • Outer Diameter: 160 Mm
  • Height: 170 Mm