Ophon writes: “Switching on your turntable, selecting a record, carefully pulling it out of its sleeve, gently putting it onto the player, and admiring the 12-inch-sized artwork… It’s a ritual that many of us greatly appreciate. Wouldn’t you love to have that beautiful artwork visible in your favorite space? That’s the idea behind Coverfront by Amsterdam-based design brand Ophon. A high-end modular system that has both the practicality of conventional storage systems and uniquely displays cover art.”  

“I started collecting vinyl when I was 17 years old, in a time when many people were starting to replace their vinyl with CDs,” recalls Ophon founder Piet Hein Clijsen. “I could never understand how people could get rid of their vinyl because I loved everything about the medium! The size, the sound, the beautiful artwork… What always frustrated me was that the storage systems available made it impossible to display the artwork of a record.” That’s when the idea for a new type of vinyl storage system was born. While relaxing during a holiday break, he spent some time creating a prototype. A witty play on his initials and the audio lingo of ‘Phono,’ led to the official beginning: Ophon.

Ophon’s Coverfront is the only vinyl cabinet around which fully integrates storage and cover art display. On top of that: everyone can customize their set-up because the system is fully modular. That means you can customize your Coverfront before it’s produced on-demand in a carbon-neutral local facility: height (1 to 5 segments) and width (the sky is the limit). There are three variations available: birch plywood (standard white or black), spraypainted (standard white or a colour of your own choosing), and high-end laminated pressed wood, with an endless array of natural wood finishing (like oak, palisander, cherry or walnut). 

The modular system thus even allows for special choices such as a “pyramid-build,” a smaller version for 7-inch records, or additional space to place your record player and/or amplifier. With a newly-launched Configurator, you can start creating your very own Coverfront.

Each shelf stores 60 records facing forward or 80 records sideways. Browsing and finding records is still child’s play (as shown below). But instead of staring at record spines, with Ophon’s Coverfront you can actually display an ever-changing selection of your favorite cover art. In the end, that’s what us crate-diggers and record collectors alike all love about vinyl—those beautiful sleeves. Then why put the art away in crammed storage shelves? Ophon’s Coverfront lets you face the music.

Ophon: www.ophon.nl. 
Prices from €560 onwards. Delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks.

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