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It was 9 p.m. on 10 February 1961 and Norman Granz took to the stage of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam to present one of the Oscar Peterson Trio’s most sensational concerts. 
Norman Granz was one of the greatest impresarios and producers in the history of jazz. Waiting in the wings was his protégé, the artist he discovered purely by chance one night in 1949 as he listened to the radio in a Montreal taxi, the man he would take to the pinnacle of pianistic success. 

He was the man Granz presented that evening as the “Ineffable”. Certainly it can be said that Peterson played 100 notes when other pianists might have used ten, but all 100 usually fit, and there is nothing wrong with showing off technique when it so perfectly serves the music. The fluidity of the introductory notes set the tone for what was to be an exceptional concert…

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