Oswalds Mill Audio Crate Vinyl storage

Sometimes what we make for ourselves becomes an OMA product. In this case we had a problem with where to keep records in our showroom. We have plenty of shelves for LP storage, but you want to have demo vinyl right by the turntable, not in another room. Our prototype master woodworker crafted some simple pine crates a while back that would allow me to organize LP’s (vocal, classical, jazz, rock, etc) keep them handy and move them around while doing demos. The craftsmanship and design ethos at OMA does not, however, usually involve things like nails, with which those crates were made. So now we are very happy to introduce what must be the nicest record crate we’ve ever seen. It’s made out of Pennsylvania ash, built entirely by hand, and it’s all joinery with no nails, screws or other hardware. Very simple, beautiful and they work.

Price- $90