Otis Taylor – Banjo.

Banjo… is blues’ icon Otis Taylor’s 15th album. This is a stunning record both musically and sonically, recorded exclusively at Octave Record’s DSD studios in DSD256. Banjo… was recorded in Boulder over a two-week period, with Otis Taylor’s band members flown in from all over the country for the occasion. On drums, the amazing Chuck Louden brings his rhythmic fire along with Nick Amodeo on bass and mandolin, J.P. Johnson on lead guitar and on the B3 Hammond and Moog synth, the wild man himself, Brian Juan. The music on Banjo… is Otis Taylor at his best! This is a must-have masterpiece from one of the best blues musicians in the world. Pure Otis. You can listen to samples and buy the album below.


Otis Taylor was born in Chicago in 1948 and was raised in Denver’s historic Five Points neighborhood. His father worked as a Pullman porter. Both parents were jazz fans. He’s a celebrated blues icon with 14 original albums and 10 compilation albums. Taylor is one of the most celebrated blues artists in the world. He, along with Etta James, were voted the “Best Blues Entertainer” title in 2004. Down Beat Magazine named Taylor’s Double V as Blues CD of the Year for 2005 and named Recapturing the Banjo as Blues CD of the Year, in 2008, where they wrote “there’s not been a better roots album released this year or decade than Recapturing the Banjo.” Taylor’s 2015 release Hey Joe Opus Red Meat was editor’s choice for album of the year in Blues Music Magazine and Premier Guitar Magazine and named “Album of the Year” by Blues411 and one of the top 30 albums of the year by The Blues magazine. Down Beat gave it 4 and half stars and listed it as one of their top 100 albums of the year.
  • Otis Taylor- vocals, guitar, harmonica, kazoo, banjo
  • J.P. Johnson- lead guitar
  • Nick Amodeo- bass, mandolin
  • Brian Juan- organ
  • Chuck Louden- drums
  • Brian Juan- Moog, piano
  • Beth Rosbach- cello
  • Joseph Howe- cello
  • Jay Elliott- recording and mix engineer
  • David Glasser- mastering engineer
  • Otis Taylor- producer
  • Joe Kessler- associate producer
  • Jessica Carson- executive producer