Our job is to not remind you that life is difficult and complicated

Being under the spell of so called positive effective stress coming from the continuing transitional pace of products coming in and out, works as well as a great  forcing function to get me into the listening and contemplating about the music and technology.  All day and all night long. Sometimes it feels like mystical, endless life’s mantra. 
Like great Jon Ive commented recently: “Our job is to not remind you that life is difficult and complicated. It’s to provide a solution that appears inevitable and obvious.”
This correlates very nicely with the goals of both high end audio reviewers job. We’re trying to do something meaningful that makes people choices easier.
With the power of the globalization everything is became highly complex and more and more people are reaching for the helping hand in the form of emails, private messages and phone calls. And inquiries are coming from both; the industry and end users, as well from the retailers, distributors, small boutique shop owners etc. It’s more of a high end society. This is still a niche market and everything goes hand in hand. It’s a great time and place to be involved and working with so many people comes as a great challenge as well as positive musically enriched universe.