Pegaso Audio P50A integrated amplifier review

Like many of you, I know the Audio Analogue products for a long time. Over the years I’ve heard them in many different setups and I’ve also had a chance to know them better in my reference setup. 
Never say never right! When Giuseppe Blanda contacted me via email with the news about the new brand and a possible product review I’ve grinned. My mind quickly fired up the logic processors instantly concluding the verdict. “Wait, a tube product coming from Audio Analogue!? This will be more than just interesting :)..”. 

We set the evaluation date and quickly after the Pegaso Audio P50A has landed at Mono and Stereo headquarters. And… “Oh dear…” The initial photos surely indicated at the P50A sheer size, but I didn’t expect to be that massive. As you can learn on later in the review, the reason for the massiveness are hidden inside of the chassis.

When installed on my Artesania Audio Exoteryc reference rack, Pegaso Audio integrated amplifier really stood out with a mightier appeal and substantiality. It certainly deserves its place on the top of the rack in order to truly show its aura.


Pegaso is a young brand born only in 2017, but with a wealth of decades of experience. AF Group SRL, a dynamic company that owns and produces the prestigious Audio Analogue brand, has decided to use the know-how acquired in the design, production, and marketing of solid state electronics, to start, also thanks to the collaboration with designers specialized in the creation of tube electronics, a new chapter in its history, testing itself in a new difficult challenge, keeping the goal of proposing reference electronics even if with a different technology than what has been achieved so far.

The warm and involving sound of vacuum tubes and the highly technological and sophisticated design philosophy of those who regularly produce solid-state electronics, create Pegaso, a perfect union between tradition and progress.

But why Pegaso? The figure of this beautiful mythological animal has ancient origins and was adopted as a symbol of Tuscany, the land of origin of our electronics, where they are thought, designed and built.

The symbolic meaning of the Pegasus is to match the vitality and strength of the horse, to the ability to fly and therefore to free itself from the weight of gravity and this can be considered, in metaphorical form, what we want to obtain from our electronics: a sound of great character, precise and dynamic, but rich in nuances, “light” and pleasant to listen.


The first Pegaso product is P50A, a 50W amplifier in class A with push-pull configuration and fully balanced circuit. The circuit design is very simple: the preamp section is limited to the inputs selection and volume control, while the power amplifier stage is made of 4 x 6922 and 4 x KT90.
The components are carefully selected as for reliability (the components chosen are all long-life at high temperature in order to guarantee reliability) as for the sound performance thanks to the choice of audio-grade components in key points. The whole control part is managed by a microcontroller with dedicated software.

4 different volume scales can be selected in order to perfectly match the gain to the speaker sensitivity and one of the inputs can be used as power amplifier input (bypassing the preamp section).

This solution allows, for example, to continue using the P50A for the two main channels into a home theater system. P50A is available in silver or black finish and is equipped with a remote control made of machined solid aluminum.


It was not really a problem to fill up listening notes. Time flew quickly with warm and welcoming sound of P50A. As always, here are few of the tracks that were a part of the evaluation…

The way that Pegaso P50A’s handles the notes is very welcoming. Normally these positive attributes are chiefly reserved for the solid-state amplifiers. P50A clearly shows that the expertise comes from someone that truly knows the technology. With a proper know-how and regardless of the tube or silicon origin right sonic DNA comes of the same origin when solutions are implemented properly. Cyprien Katsaris’s “Tannhäuser. Albumblatt (Ankunft bei den schwarzen Schwänen)” from the album Cyprien Katsaris – The Sony Recordings vividly shows the Pegaso integrated amplifier’s ability to portray the piano scale with enough substance and structural elements. I’m always inclined to any amplifier that can easily convey the music’s flow and P50A non-struggling rendition of “Tannhäuser. Albumblatt” was both involving and immersive.
“Bottoms Up” by Ron Carter from the Etudes Pegaso Audio integrated generated three-dimensional image was not exactly in the domain of tube amplifiers. “Bottoms Up” momentum demands a commanding amplifier and Ron’s double bass, drums and the need for a trumpet to cut through the “mix”  nothing comes easy. 

Pegaso Audio’s capability to differentiate all of the instruments and more important belivable notes’s overlay and propagation in the space is more than worthy to point out. “Bottoms Up” lyricisms can be to easily lost in translation when amplifier inner capacity is not potent enough. There are too many factors to exactly determine such cause, but the lack of vibrant heart is of instant recognition and I can assure you that Pegaso’s tube circuits are more than just vibrant!
The absence of impetuous design choices and proof of radiant inner nucleus was further confirmed with Houston Person, Ron Carter’s “Why Not” from the album Remember Love. The P50A’s presentation was freshly imagined. Ron’s double bass really needs to be reproduced in a full scope to form its place in the sonic space. Any lacking of control results in the total collapse of the instrument’s presence. 
The lack of amp’s control not only destroys the instrument’s form but also shatter the spectral shading. With “Return to Forever” by Chick Corea, Steve Gadd, Steve Gadd Band, Philip Bailey from Chinese Butterfly nothing is taken for granted. Especially the formation of the atmosphere. This album simply calls for the full grip and amplifier’s control, speed correctness as well as the sense of chameleon-like organic quality.

The same goes for the dynamic impact. It was inspiring to observe the P50A ability to deliver unexacting searing drama. This was particularly evident with the reproduction of the “Night on the Bare Mountain” by Igor Stravinsky, Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky, Modest Mussorgsky, London Symphony Orchestra, Leopold Stokowski – Mussorgsky: Night on the Bare Mountain /Stravinsky: The Firebird Suite.
Pegaso Audio P50A integrated amplifier’s adeptness to capture primal rawness was reinvigorating. The orchestra’s impetus has easily expanded and the unadulterated drama emerged with the needed jolt.   
Pegaso Audio intergraded amplifier didn’t try to goad the listener, but has rather induce the orchestra’s impelling force with enough brawniness to shape a memorable impact. A feature alone worthy of the spotlight.
It was easy to forget about the time an space with Pegaso Audio P50A. This tube integrated amplifier comfortably let you to dive into the beloved music universe with its sonorous inner core. Many of the recent emails are sharing the similar inquiry topic. A request for an amplifier suggestion that can easily captivate the mind and heart and without the astronomic price tag. The way that Pegaso Audio P50A handled and most importantly served the music surely makes my recommendation easy and non-conflicted. P50A is a modern tube amplifier with the right amount of warmish heart that will easily entice interaction with the listener despite the music material. 


There is something substantial about Pegaso Audio P50A’s appearance and sound. P50A is essential at its core and it delivers a unique sonic vitality, that is surprisingly refreshing!

Pegaso Audio highlights the P50A’s simple circuit topology and design. I would say, that this deliberate simplicity is among the key points of the Pegaso Audio integrated amplifier sonic virtues. It’s very hard to keep the organic nature of the music untouched and unaltered. Different companies are taking different paths, but there is no substitution to the simplicity where it’s applicable. Oversimplifying doesn’t deliver any guarantee about the positive sonic outcome.

Here’s where the weed is separated from the well seasoned fruit and Pegaso Audio integrated amplifier is exactly that kind of the product. An integrated amplifier without compromises and great sound. P50A was built to last and this is instantly evident from the inside-out.

Pegaso Audio integrated amplifier combines a hand-picked audiophile grade components that were selected not only for their sonic abilities but also for longevity. 
P50A was by no means a rush product and this is evident all around. Massive and impressive chassis was deliberately designed with enough internal space to let the heat coming from tubes easily dispatch. A large footprint also project value for the money, which nowadays is not alway the case. 

Everything on the inside of P50A looks enticing. I’ve been doing this for a long time and quite often when I open and lurk inside of the high-end audio components under the review I’m not really sparkled with the encounter. Yes, in a way this is a man thing. Similar to peeking under the hood of the car, especially with amplifiers and electronics we do expect some level of audio technocracy. Technology should inspire us and while it might sound vague to some, this is a highly important part of an emotional trigger that is tremendously consequential.

By today’s standards, the Pegaso Audio P50A integrated amplifier is more than reasonably priced. Considering it’s fully balanced and with the way that it manages to deliver power glamorously it certainly deserves a close inspection for anyone in the market of tube integrated amplifier.

What more to say? How about… that P50A is made in Tuscany, comes with the renowned Audio Analogue quality, offers a pure Italian hearth and the substantial appearance that screams value for money!
I really liked the Pegaso Audio first newborn! It’s all around more than just a well designed integrated amplifier that embraces an impressive amount of favourable attributes. For what is represent I’m wholeheartedly awarding it with 2019 Mono and Stereo Highly Recommended Product Award. 
In the era where everything is rushed and just waiting to be launched to the market, Pegaso Audio P50A comes as a result of the well thought out concept that was designed to deliver the tube sound in a highly articulated way. 
Pegaso P50A integrated amplifier presence lent prestige to the Audio Analogue and for the brand’s firstborn full-blown tube project this is quite an achievement. 


– EU retail price €5990.00


N° of channels
RCA inputs
XLR inputs
Output power
Input impedance
Frequency response
10 Hz to 100 kHz (0.5 dB 1W)
Signal to noise ratio
83 dBA
Total Harmonic Distortion
0.3% (10W)
Standby absorption (230VAC)
Dimensions (LxAxP)
455 x 175 x 472mm
26 Kg


AF Group SRL
Via Cesare Battisti 126 G
51015 Monsummano Terme
Pistoia – Italy
Tel: +39 0572 030 964