Pétrus of high end audio!?

We’re often bombarded by the craziness of our high-end audio passion and for counting the shockingly amount of the greens while obtaining our main gears and accessories. I do agree. Its not the sanest thing in the world. Yet, more often these days, those willing to go deeper and more profound into the audio reproduction are searching for flamboyant experience and products similar to exploring the best wines of the world. The passion, excitement and price scheme are not surprisingly quite similar.
Now; not everyone can affoard the legendary Pétrus 61. And even if you can, you must pray hard to get the real thing. Luckily, there are some very potent alternatives being quite affordable. Similarly to wine world, high-end audio also share their Latour à Pomerol, L’Église-Clinet, La Conseillante. You can get to sensual heaven’s gates without breaking the bank.
Yes, Pétrus is considered as the best red wine in the world. Period! Many are dreaming about it, few acutally had a chance to taste the real thing. Still, there is much to explore with both wine and high-end audio gear, that share close contour, complexity and exotic labeling. 
I’ll explore the subject matter more lenghtly in the future. Its seemed like a great topic to start and very proper analogy to our high-end audio world…