PHISON Audio PD2 Preamplifier NEW

Another interesting NEW solid state fully balanced preamplifier from PHISON Audio announcement just came in via email…
PHISON Audio is a lifelong love to HIFI. Not only the musical presentation but also to make lifetime companion products for Audiophiles. PHISON Audio is founded by the brothers Philip and Sonny. Philip is doing the Mechanical design, Sonny is doing the electronic design. We believe in good craftsman to meet our goal.
From the mechanical point of view our chassis is made from thick aluminum by skilled CNC operators doing their best to deliver flawless parts.
From the electronic point of view, our main concern is sound quality through lots of listening test not only by us but also by other ensuring that we do not fool our self. When the sound quality is reached our main goal is to make sure it measures as good as it sounds. Only when those parameters are meet we will release our products.
As far as it is possible all our analog circuits are discrete and made up from modules making it possible to upgrade them later on when new technology or IP arrives.
Our design is fully balanced through the complete signal path. The attenuator is based on the best R2R DAC on the market today.
DAC section is built around AK4490 which we have given perfect working conditions. We use crystals from Crystek, USB is galvanic isolated, we use reclocking of the DAC signals before entering the DAC. Separate ultra low noise regulators for left and right channel.
Our discrete gain stages and servos are JFET folded cascode design. Which is true single gain stage. Our amplifier modules are based around JFET folded cascode or current feedback designs as we believe to get the best performance is single gain stage designs.
The circuit design is the mother of Virtual ground design to eliminate un-linear distortion from the gain-stages and to maximize CMRR over cable.
All parts in the audio path is discrete and module based. We want to give our customers a product that is fully upgradable for many years to come. Look at the pictures, as they say more than thousands words.

Our design is fully balanced and we use best possible parts for the design giving the price of 6000€ for the PD2 preamp. A RIAA section is also available as an optional board for 670€.