Physical Emotions Caeles turntable

Finally ready for the listening challenge. Physical Emotions Caeles turntable in the real physical form. It represent company take on ultimate vinyl replay. It weights whooping 125kg. Special mechanism allows you to change the tension of the belt. Check out few of the highest and another close shot…

– Horizontally and vertically operating air bearing with accuracy of
concentricity of 0,1µm. Additional axis with adjustable pressure to transfer
resonances produced by play back to sub chassis. A worlds first in that
– Sub chassis with pneumatic, analogue driven, self adjustable
– Play back platter manufactured from POM, completely decoupled from
the driven platter, which is manufactured of a mix of metals. That achieves
that no disturbances generated by drive mechanism can reach the pick up.
Also the play back platter has a very low ability to store energy.
– Tone arm base constructed in a way, that the tone arm is decoupled
from the sub chassis but also in exact stable position. This is accomplished
by suspending the mounting plate on Kevlar strings. The tone arm base with
completely adjusted tone arm can be exchanged in less than a minute, without
loosing the adjustment.
– All components optimized for freedom of resonances and reflections.
– Extremely accurate and disturbance free drive system with a pulley
of 16 cm diameter which also acts as a fly wheel.
Wow and Flutter of 0.001
and an Self-resonance less than 1.5 Hz