Prism Audio CALLIA USB Audiophile DAC and Pre-amplifier NEW

Drawing upon 28 years of experience in the design and manufacture of reference digital audio convertors for professional music applications, Prism Sound are pleased to announce the introduction of “CALLIA”, a new PCM & DSD capable digital-to-analogue converter and preamplifier designed and manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom. 
Prism Sound studio converters are well established in the professional recording and mastering studio. The company has built an enviable reputation for unrivalled performance and technical excellence among recording professionals. Much of your favourite music and movie scores will have been recorded, mixed or mastered with Prism Sound professional A/D and D/A converters. With the advent of the Prism Sound USB audio platform, the company is now able to offer their acclaimed studio quality conversion to home users.
Designed and manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom, the Prism Sound CALLIA USB Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) and digital audio preamplifier is tailored for listening to music.
For the discerning listener, CALLIA is the best way to experience digital music. Coupled with high quality analogue power amplification and loudspeakers, CALLIA will deliver your music exactly as intended.
Utilising the acclaimed Prism Sound audio signal path, clock circuitry and the same ARM Cortex processor & USB platform used in Prism Sound’s professional product range, CALLIA supports both USB and S/P-DIF players.
No-compromise, full Prism Sound audio quality
The design goal for CALLIA was to provide Prism Sound audio quality in a sophisticated but easy to use package for listening to music at home. CALLIA makes no compromises on audio quality. CALLIA delivers the standard of audio performance demanded by top recording professionals from 44.1kHz to 384kHz sampling or in DSD64 or DSD128. 
CALLIA has the same no-compromise analogue circuitry as its professional cousins, with the same fully-balanced-throughout architecture and the same isolation barriers protecting the analogue from digital and computer interference.
Low-impedance headphone output
The headphone output is a low 4-ohm impedance, designed for the best possible performance. Settings switches on the rear panel of the unit provide suitable sensistivity settings for most headphone types, to avoid the risk of wide variations in level among different headphone models with impedances ranging from a few ohms to more than 250 ohms. 
Easy connectivity to your computer, tablet* or transport
In CALLIA, we have created a unit that is compatible with the widest range of computer hardware by using a USB2 interface supporting UAC2 audio. CALLIA also supports S/P-DIF digital audio inputs.
Audio formats
CALLIA supports linear PCM in 2’s complement binary coding and, using the “DSD over PCM” (DOP) protocol, DSD at the original bit-rate (DSD64) and also at 2 x the original rate (DSD128). DSD Files encoded as “DOP” may be played with both ASIO and WDM drivers.
Balanced and unbalanced outputs
CALLIA offers balanced and unbalanced output formats at +14dBu and 2Vrms respectively. The balanced output is presented on professional XLR male pin connectors and the unbalanced (consumer) output is on industry-standard “Phono” co-axial connectors.
Unsurpassed Jitter Rejection
CALLIA uses the same “CleverClox” hybrid digital phase-locked loop (DPLL) circuitry as Prism Sound professional products. Prism Sound digital audio products re-generate ultra-stable clocks for best quality conversion.
Plug, play and enjoy your music in all popular formats
No-compromise, full Prism Sound audio quality
Play in Windows**, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android ***
Class compliant UAC2/USB for best compatibility
ASIO drivers for Windows
Windows WDM drivers (Vista and later)
Play from disc transport/player device via S/P-DIF
Optical and co-axial S/P-DIF inputs
Playback at sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 384kHz
DSD64/128 playback via DOP (S/P-DIF DSD64 only)
Automated source selection, with manual override
Balanced +14dBu XLR and 2V RCA phono outputs
4-ohm headphone output (adjustable sensitivity)
Front-panel digital master volume control
State-of-the-art clocking with hybrid 2-stage DPLL
Fully-floating balanced architecture for low noise

* For mobile devices separate adaptors may be required.
** Requires supplied UAC2 drivers from Prism Sound.
*** Check your operating system version for UAC2 support.