Pro-Ject Audio Vinyl Cleaner VC-S official info

Everybody who has a collection of records knows the importance of keeping them clean. We should keep in mind that every manipulation of records leads to accumulation of impurities from the environment. These impurities, even those of microscopic size, must be managed. They reside in the grooves and significantly contribute to degradation of the recorded signal and mechanical wearing of the grooves.
What are the main advantages of our new VC-S record cleaning machine?
  • 1.It is super powerful and cleans a record in 1 to 2 rotations (the best results come from 1 turn forward, 1 turn
  • backward)
  • 2. It turns the record very fast (2 seconds per rotation) about 3 times faster than other cleaning machines do. The result is faster cleaning of records, as well as much cleaner and 100% dry records with no residual humidity!
  • 3. A new type of clamp protects the record label from the cleaning fluid and avoids damage of the label. Because the record does not touch the platter, it will not have direct contact with dirty surfaces.
  • 4. A robust easy-to-use metal arm with mechanically stable fixing that doesn ́t use springs.
  • 5. A big container (2.5 litre) for used fluid which shows fill capacity and guarantees no spillage of used cleaning
  • fluid. Discharging used fluid is extremely easy.
  • 6. Newly developed vinyl cleaning concentrate  ́Wash it ́ for vinyl and  ́Wash it 78 ́ for shellac records.  ́Wash it ́ offers very good cleaning results and reduces static charge, so record wear as well as stylus wear is significantly reduced.

Note:  ́Wash it ́ is optimised for cleaning standard vinyl records. It is not usable with 78 rpm shellacs. For shellacs, we offer the optional special fluid  ́Wash it 78 ́ – see separate product information.
With our new VC-S you will be able to listen to your records after a few seconds and experience a completely new level of sound!
Comparison of  ́dry ́ &  ́wet ́ cleaning methods:
The origin of impurities can be partially from natural fall-out from the environment and partially from abrasion materi- al from the groove itself. If we analyse the impurities on records, we would come to the conclusion that we would also find inorganic parts. Some of these are extremely hard and have very sharp edges. Certain impurities are also drops of grease and dispersed smog. Particles of grease have origins in human hands and human breath, so don’t try to blow away the dust from the needle or record surface. Small particles of hard and sharp impurities together with grease create a grinding paste which resides in the groove. This paste becomes aggressive, with the concen- tration increasing during playback.
Dry cleaning (mechanical method)
Cleaning a record by brush can collect light-weight particles and white or grey dust. Heavy and non-electrostatic dust, mostly of inorganic origin, can ́t be cleaned by brushes. Dry cleaning can do the exact opposite of its intention by forcing impurities deeper into the record grooves.
Wet cleaning (chemical method)
Deposits of impurities on the record surface can be quite easily dissolved, but it is not so easy to remove these impurities effectively from uneven surfaces. In order to be able to assure this goal, we need very powerful vacuum cleaners. As we said, dissolving of impurities in the groove is an easy process.

Our approach

Conventional cleaning machines consist of the rotational platter (we do not have one) and vacuum arm with a vacu- um cleaner motor. The record can rotate very fast in both directions. Cleaning liquid is applied to the record and consequently spread out by brush. Then the cleaning liquid with all the dissolved impurities is evacuated by a vacu- um arm. The vacuum arm is connected to an air/water separator tank. This tank protects the vacuum cleaner motor against the residue of the cleaning liquid and dry air is blown out. The vacuum arm is equipped with two brushes which are self adhesively stacked beside the groove in the vacuum arm. When vacuum suction is applied, the record attaches to these brushes.
According to this and all features listed on page two, we think we have found the best solution in this price segment. The VC-S creates beautiful clean records. It involves a full accessory program and dedicated cleaning liquids for vinyl and 78rpm shellac records. This is a complete solution for fans of analogue.
Vinyl Cleaner VC-S SRP € 449,00 (includes accessory kit, contents shown above)