Progressive Audio A 1 Integrated Amplifier

The Progressive Audio A 1 is the smaller one of the two Progressive Audio integrated amplifiers. It offers the same inputs and ease of use as the bigger model A 2 but with less power output which is more than enough to achieve a realistic music reproduction with a High‐End loudspeaker even with a not optimal sensitivity as its pure Class A power output acts about three times the power output of conventional A/B designs. 

Its straight and timeless design without any knobs at the front panel reflects his dynamic and neutral way of music reproduction. All functions can be controlled with the high‐ quality remote control. Except one: at the back of the amplifier is the hard power off switch to turn it off completely without any power consumption.

Its pure Class A layout delivers a vivid and precise sound with an incredible dynamic headroom and an extremely high resolution which is not comparable to other solid state amplifiers. This fact is due to the revolutionary use of a special type of semiconductors which is unique for Hifi designs: Silicon Carbide. This exclusive type of semiconductors has a 15 times higher slew rate and fewer distortions than MOSFETS used in good conventional solid state amplifiers. 
The perfect amplification design without main feedback makes it insensitive to high capacities of cables or unsteady impedance response of loudspeakers. 

The Progressive Audio A 1 is a timeless and elegant integrated amplifier at the highest level of built and sound quality. It is engineered and hand crafted in Germany and made for decades of experiencing and enjoying music. 
Available in Aluminium silver, Aluminium black and Aluminium black with Acrylic Front Panel