PS Audio ONE: the Sonoma Master Series SACD NEW

PS Audio began 43 years ago out of a love of music.During those four decades, we’ve seen the rights of musicians diminish, along with their ability to earn a living through their craft.  Where once recording engineers treated sound reproduction with reverence, today it’s more acceptable to just cram sound through poor equipment: Slice it, dice it, compress the life out of it, and call it music. Where once musicians earned a livable wage (occasionally even striking it rich), today it’s common for musicians to supplement their meager living serving coffee or waiting tables.
The ONE Music project found its roots in the idea of reversing this trend and giving more back to those that created quality music and recordings, than to those who marketed and distributed them. The project was founded by a consortium of concerned music lovers, including  mastering engineer Gus Skinas, PS Audio CEO Paul McGowan, Steven Vidaic and Mike Yach of Immersive Records, Cookie Marenco of Blue Coast Records, Audiophile Societies International President Sean McGowan, and the entire staff of PS Audio with the kind support of many others as committed as we are to the goal of preserving the recording arts and building a financially sound platform where musicians come first.
After all, without quality music and recordings, those among us who love listening to music in our homes would have little to enjoy. Help us support quality recordings and heartfelt music.
Each DSDPure recording captures a unique performance from some of the world’s finest musicians, featuring Elephant Revival, David Elias, Janet Feder. Ron Miles, Bill Frisell, and Lara Ruggles, among others. World-renowned mastering engineer Gus Skinas personally mastered each and every format of our recordings on the Sonoma DSD Workstation at the Super Audio Center – ensuring superb sound quality. Tracks and artists were all curated by Gus and Paul McGowan in PS Audio’s Music Room One, featuring the Infinity IRS V loudspeakers, BHK Signature amplification and DirectStream DAC.
The album is available as a 2-disc set at $45.00, containing a hybrid SACD and a DVD disc containing hi-res (176/24) PCM and DSD files. It is also available as DSD and PCM downloads for $35.00. Every purchase  helps to support musicians, and will help ensure that high-end recording studios and mastering facilities survive. Based on the success of this first release, PS Audio and ASI will continue to invest in future musical collaborations that we trust will delight listeners and help to ensure a market for quality recordings.

Full details of the ONE Music Project and the Sonoma Master Series can be found here: