PURE Tape Head Preamplifier for Reel to Reel Tape Decks from Merrill Audio

Merrill Audio writes: “Finally there is a good alternative for the purist of Reel to Reel Tape playback. Merrill Audio PURE Tape Head Preamp provides a superior Tape Head Preamp that brings out the full dynamics of Reel to Reel Tape, with the details and immediacy of the live recording. Merrill Audio is very excited to present the PURE Tape Head Preamp for the highest fidelity from Reel to Reel Tape Decks.”
On the 13th of July, 2019, Xtreme Fidelity in River Vale, New Jersey, USA will host a private event to show off the Merrill Audio PURE Tape Head Preamp, using the Ampex ATR 102 fully restored by ATR Services. Xtreme Fidelity will demonstrate the large difference between the Ampex native cards and the Merrill Audio PURE Tape Head Preamp. Contact XtremeFidelity.net for limited invitations.
Merrill Audio Pure Tape Head Preamp is the 1st of series of 3 Tape head Preamps. The Merrill Audio PURE Tape head preamp will feature the purity of the sound from Reel to Reel tape with minimal adjustments and is focused on the Purist Audiophile demanding the most accurate sound signature with the least amount of artifacts. Price at $9,000, it is an ideal addition to the Ampex ATR 100, 102 and 104 series. Merrill Audio can provide the plug in card to access the Tape Head directly on the Ampex ATR 100 series Machines, replacing the onboard preamp cards.
The Merrill Audio PURE Tape Head Preamp takes its designed cues from the famed Jens Phono stage and circuit designer, Jens Waale. The Merrill Audio PURE Tape Head Preamp has 6 speed and eq settings 3.75 NAB, 7.5 NAB, 15 NAB, 7.5 IEC, 15 IEC and 30 IEC2. The gain is selectable at 71db of 65db. All settings are saved. The display brightness can be dimmed, delayed dimmed or delay blanked. All setting and speed/eq settings can be set using a remote. The Eq and gain settings can also be manually switched. The low noise Merrill Audio Kratos External Power Supply provide the 1st level of power filtering. 
The Merrill Audio ELEMENT PURE Tape Head Preamp is built with ultra-tight tolerance components, Silver plated Teflon sleeved wire, fully balanced inputs and outputs, custom XLR connectors with gold plated pins with Teflon body in metal housing is used. The external power supply is ultra-low noise power supply gives the Merrill Audio PURE Tape Head Preamp an ultra-low noise floor with great immediacy in reproduction.
Now at select dealers and direct from Merrill Audio.