Purist Audio Design Diamond Limited Edition Power Cable

Purist Audio Design writes: Happy Throwback Thursday! This Throwback Thursday, we’re celebrating 2008 and the Limited Edition AC Power Cable! 2008 saw highs and lows in our music world. From Amy Winehouse winning five Grammies (including Record of the Year and Song of the Year), we also saw the eruption of a tragic fire at Universal Studios that would destroy over 175,000 master tapes of music, both released and unreleased. That same year, Jimmy Dean would celebrate his 80th birthday!  

Music is a celebration within our lives; a thing to be savored as both inspiration and influence. And, though 2008 brought its highs and lows, we must always continue to learn, to push forward! We like to think we’ve done that with our Purist LE. 

About (Today’s) Diamond Limited Edition Power Cable

Today’s LE is in its diamond revision, offering open open, detailed, and “real”-sound with no etching or hint of fatigue! It offers dead quiet background that allows every nuance of sonic texture and detail to literally dance across the holographic expanse of the soundstage.
For the modern revision, we’re incorporating Nano technology silver wire into the build, by using 10 gauge Pure Silver Continuous Cast conductors. Second, the beautiful Furutech NCF power connectors (US FI-50M NCF or EU FI-E50 NCF and 15A IEC FI-50 NCF). Not satisfied, we enhanced the formula for the Contego dampening material to further reduce noise and vibration.
Finally, our audio engineers improved the power conditioning circuit technology that provides EMI/RFI noise control, filtering, and reduction. It integrates the use of a 5 stage (up from 3) power conditioning circuitry that passively controls, filters and reduces the effects of EMI/RFI from coupling via direct conduction, induction, and capacitance to a level that allows the dynamics of music breathe and prevail!