Raidho Acoustics Diamond Membrane.

New video showing how Raidho Acoustics makes the diamond membrane for its loudspeaker drivers. “This is a truly unique and revolutionary membrane. We came across this together with the Danish Technical Institute in the pursuit of the ultimate material for loudspeaker membranes. We believe we found it! The membrane is a 5Layer sandwich construction. On top of the aluminum and the ceramic layer is a so-called Tantalum layer. The last layer is artificial diamonds. 1,5 Carat of a diamond is applied to each membrane, yet only 10 microns thick.”  

All these materials bring in their own strengths to the mix, making this a truly unique and revolutionary drive unit. The Ceramixmembranes are placed in highly specialized machines where they pump in argon gas and fire particles at lightspeed thus fixating the atoms to the membrane. 
This creates the Tantalumand Diamond coating. The TD layers reduce resonances with 36dB over ceramic and are 50 times stiffer than ceramic-only membranes. The breakup mode has been elevated to 20KHz! Raidho is the only loudspeaker manufacturer in the world to use this technology.