Raven Audio writes: “We are almost ready~!!! After months of recertification, redesign, and set-up the new assembly line that will manufacture all of Raven Audio’s “Avian Series” line of stereo integrated amplifiers is almost ready to start rolling.
Located in the outskirts of College Station, Texas, this government aerospace and industrial certified electronics manufacturing shop will start turning out the first products before the end of September.

It’s been a long, costly and exceptionally tedious process but it will be well worth the wait. From this point on each amplifier will be an almost exact clone of every other in its product name.

The PC board manufacturing machines and their highly experienced hand-wiring technicians, along with their highly skilled engineering staff will be right there closely monitoring each amplifier as they pass through a series of the latest and most technologically advanced quality control and assembly machines in existence worldwide.
For the first time a microscopically monitored solder bath machine will make each solder joint, and if the tiniest variation occurs the entire process will stop for before it can continue – and then only after a close visual inspection performed at the microscopic level.
Gone are any missed solder points or errant solder drops, tiny wire fragments, or even a dropped washer. From now on the human element in the chain will only monitor and hand build the wiring from the PC boards to the chassis components – as the machines move in to do all of the PC board component-stuffing, and soldering work.
And even though this will remove the hand-work by the original Raven Audio builders, Dave Thomson and the original designer (now retired and back home overseas) even more jobs are being created by this move.
A collection of highly skilled ladies will now build every wiring loom and perform every tiny solder joint between the newly built PC boards and the outboard chassis-mounted equipment, such as the volume, source selector, and power switch. Also still hand-built will be each connection to the RCA and high impedance inputs, and the speaker binding posts, which will never be PC board mounted.
Though this will keep the cost of manufacturing higher, we plan to keep those methods in place because we feel like this is one of the most important manufacturing processes that separates us from our competitors.
Those processes of soldering every single connection and never moving to using a plug, screw joint, or pin connector in our amplifiers is what makes Raven Audio one of the best in the world.
As Raven Audio grows so will American jobs, and consumers can rest assured in knowing that Raven Audio will ALWAYS and ONLY be designed and built in the good old USA!
We are so excited that it is difficult to be patient at this point. But patient we will remain as we move to the next level in our growth to remain one of the best sounding USA made high-end audio manufacturers on the planet.
The best thing about this little news release – is this is not the only news coming~! Stay tuned for the biggest news Raven Audio has released in its short 7 year history – as a new and talented, and extremely well-known engineering mind joins the Raven Audio team! Stay tuned~!”
“Your Music Takes Flight on the Wings of Raven Audio” ~!~