Refent Audio Music Unit ultimate DAC – Music player NEW

Refent Audio Music Unit is 140 kgs two box ultimate DAC – Music player implementing the electronic solutions from satellite technology, OCXO clock without PLL distortion and special handmade Pure Silver XLR-output transformer.
MUSIC UNIT is a special Multi-Music-Source. And in the same time also one of the most puristic and finest SD-Card-Music player. It is a Digital-Analog-Converter for your Mac, iPad, CD and other High Resolution Sources, and the center of your music in the living room. MUSIC UNIT is designed without any compromises and a dream for people with the taste for the finest design quality and unbelievable natural sounding music. 

Every component is made special for each music-lover, with different features, constellations, design or material until pure gold and diamonds.

– Sculpture aspect. One alloy shiny peace in the room. Makes special feeling like in the twenties. No visible displays. Just massive alloy buttons
– finest possible audio electronic, made mostly puristic, without any component like DSP and with almost no filtering in the signal way, to let the music pass over as original and not touched signal with the purest detail information in the music
– Trough this quality on the level of the satellite technology much less parts than in any reference area. Most possible puristic form to have highest imaginable natural sound
-All components are handmade in our German factory
-All cable inside and outside from pure Silver
-Our accent is also to make eternal quality and to avoid any kind of compromises. Complete product ist made on the level of the satellite technology or like at one lab for calibration measurement
Two boxes:
-Weight of each about 70 Kg
-Both maid from solid alloy with highest mechanical stability like the old products in the twenties
-Same design and buttons. Both together one audio unit
-MUSIC UNIT: On the top is manually sliding lid over SD Card Input and Display. Display on/off
-MUSIC POWER: Special DC Battery-System delivers about 20 hours of music without any influence from outside, and brings as the last part the music to the highest level of naturally enjoying experience. For 6 areas separated batteries as concept against any kind of distortion.
-Special 5 parts per billion precise OCXO clock-oven without PLL distortion
-6 clock ovens separated in different groups for every areal against distortions. For highest possible precision of music information which brings the sound quality in another dimension
-All signals are on the complete way symmetrical leaded and converted
-Dynamic range of our DAC-parts is 132 dB
-All Areas inside: trough Metall wals completely HF separated without any kind of distortion under different components inside
-Option with special oil filling in different areas
-All Inputs including USB: galvanic separated to bring just Music without other influences
1.SD Card
-I²S: Connection as 4xBNC. Flexible settings with 3 different compatibility combinations and clock input. Clock output as alternative
-AES/EBU and SPDIF pure Silver
-BNC, LAN and USB Silver plated
-Both pure Silver
-Special handmade Pure Silver XLR-output transformer. Trough this finest part is complete analog signal way in all steps pure symmetrical, but without any distortion, and it delivers to the speakers original nativ signal from the first digital source. It delivers the purest analog audio signal with highest natural information rate
We produce our products very specially and individually for every music sophisticated enthusiasts. It takes about 8 to 10 weeks after the finished contract.