This latest member of the Rega MC cartridge range uses our advanced Vital profile nude diamond stylus (a stylus previously reserved for the more costly Apheta 2 MC model). This complex profile is designed to extract as much detail from the vinyl surface as possible. Using our unique hand-wound micro coil found in the rest of the MC range, the Ania Pro is housed in a PPS highly rigid body which guarantees accurate construction. Ania Pro features Rega’s three point fixing method which offers the optimum connection to the head-shell while automatically setting overhang.
The body is protected by a distinctive red, CAD designed, rigid cover to protect the internal fine wires, making handling when fitting, safe and risk free.
The Ania Pro features a super high-powered, neodymium magnet and a coil meticulously hand wound on to an iron micro cross.
This miniature assembly combined with the Vital profile allows us far greater accuracy when tracking the vinyl surface.
All of these features combine to deliver a balanced and dynamic performance that will engage you with your vinyl like never before.
The Ania Pro is the perfect partner for the Planar 3, Planar 6 or Planar 8 turntable.
Full details of the Ania Pro can be found here ANIA PRO