Remton LCR MK2 tube phono stage NEW

Remton LCR MK2 tube phono stage. With MC input transformer, selectable gain, input impedance and capacitance. Suitable for MM and MC phono cartridges. Tube complement matched 2x JJ E88CC, 2x JJ ECC81.
Passive LCR RIAA equalization
Zero negative feedback
Low noise
Gold plated Input/output terminals
Soft-start DC high voltage supply
Hand picked high quality components
Toroidal power transformer
Frequency response RIAA: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.3 dB
Input impedance: from 36 Ohm to 100 kOhm
Input capacitance: 0, 47 pF, 100 pF, 147 pF, 220 pF, 267 pF, 367 pF
Output impedance: 200 Ohms
Gain: MM: 38dB, MC high: 58dB, MC low: 64dB
Dimensions: 386 x 295 x 85 mm
Weight: 7 kg
2 year parts and labor warranty
Warranty for tubes: 90 days
Handcrafted in Czech Republic