Returning to the Italy

Packing for the Italy again. Love the country, love the people, love the food and beverages, love the manufacturers and products. Its a culture of its own with vibrant and rich history that attracts the people from all over the world. 
As many of you asked me to write more about what’s happening at such exclusive events I’ll try to bring more insights. As always I’ll take photos, post directly from the happenings and write up a complete report when I’m back. Here is a peek into the upcoming schedule…
This is the schedule of the visit:
October 20th: 2.30 a.m. meeting at Diapason headquarter & showroom in Brescia, listening demo experience with Diapason Dynamis speakers.
Nice dinner in a Italian restaurant, tour in the city and stay in the hotel.
October 21th: 9.00 a.m visit to Diapason production factory in Brescia and transfer to Vicenza. 
Visit at Villa Godi Malinverni close to Vicenza, original XVI century Villa made by famous architect Andrea Palladio. Lunch in the restaurant of the Villa “Torchio Antico”.
3.00 p.m. visit to Diapason wood-maker factory and introduction of the the manufacturing work of Diapason solid wood cabinets real handcraft proceeding!