Rhapsody California Grand Opening

Rhapsody Audio writes: “Leading importer and retailer of the finest in two-channel audio systems, Rhapsody Audio (Rhapsody. Audio), is pleased to announce the grand opening of its latest state-of-the-art showroom, Rhapsody California, in Sausalito.” 

“Heading Rhapsody California is David Hyman, music and audio aficionado of the highest order. Hyman’s credentials include the founding and CEO positions at Gracenote, MOG Music (now Apple Music), and Neil Young’s PONO. Hyman brings an unparalleled passion and wealth of expertise to Rhapsody Audio’s amazing roster of showrooms throughout the United States. 
“We’re excited to bring Rhapsody to California, further enhancing our network of top-tier listening rooms across the U.S. We aim to connect the best audio brands with music lovers everywhere,” says Bob Visintainer, founder and CEO of Rhapsody Audio.
Ideally situated amidst the serene hills of Sausalito, a mere 15-minute drive from downtown San Francisco, the new showroom brings to the fore Rhapsody Audio’s full line of brands. Over the upcoming months, patrons will have the unique opportunity to privately audition the following:
  • Taiko Audio Extreme Server, Switch, and Router
  • Esoteric Digital to Analog Converter
  • Pilium’s Alexander Preamplifier, Hercules Mono Amplifiers, and Odysseus Integrated Amplifier
  • Alsyvox Caravaggio Full Ribbon Speakers
  • Bayz Audio Omnidirectional Speakers
  • Esoteric Integrated Amplifier
  • Odeon Helix Horn Speakers
  • Diesis Open Baffle Horn Speakers
  • Holbo Air Bearing Turntable
  • Wellfloat Isolation Devices
  • VYDA and Tellurium cabling
All of Rhapsody’s Brands are immediately available for purchase at Rhapsody California including Alsyvox, Aqua, Aurender, Bayz, Constellation, Critical Mass Systems, Devialet, Diesis Audio, Esoteric, Holbo, Kondo, Nordost, Magico, Odeon Audio, Pilium, Raidho, Rel Acoustics, SRA, Stillpoints, Taiko Audio, Tellurium Q, Torus Power, VAC, Vyda, V.Y.G.E.R., and Wellfloat.
For further details, personalized consultations, or to schedule a private demonstration in California, please contact David Hyman directly at 917-837-2559 or via email at david@rhapsodycalifornia.com.
Elevate your auditory experience to unprecedented levels with Rhapsody California’s unmatched combination of audiophile-grade equipment, profound expertise, and unrivaled customer service synonymous with the Rhapsody Audio brand.
About Rhapsody Audio: Rhapsody Audio is a distinguished importer and retailer dedicated to curating the finest in two-channel audio playback systems. With a commitment to quality and a passion for high-fidelity sound, Rhapsody Audio delivers an unparalleled audio experience for discerning enthusiasts and audiophiles alike.  Headquartered in NYC, experience the finest in audio at Rhapsody NYC, Rhapsody Dallas, Rhapsody California, Rhapsody Chicago, Rhapsody Portland, and Rhapsody West Palm Beach. 
For All General Rhapsody inquires, Contact Bob Visintainer Email: bob@rhapsodynyc.com Phone: 917-363-7423 Website: Rhapsody.Audio.”