No visit to Hongkong is complete without paying a visit to “Ah Wher”. As the Chinese saying goes, if “Ah Wher claims to be No 2 in Analog, none will dare claim to be No 1”.

Who in the world has 12 full running turntables with 18 tonearms, all playable in one system in one setting. No preamp on the market has enough inputs so Ah Wher uses a professional mixing console to do the job.
When asked which one is his favorite, he gave me the perfect answer.  He doesn’t have one.  Each setup has a distinctive sound and he knows which combo to choose depending on the music and the recording quality.
“Ah Wher” is not just an expert in analog, he is a through and through lover of jazz music, he talks about tunes much more so than equipment. But of course, if you ask him about analog, what he tells you is from hands-on true experience, not from what he heard or read from somewhere.

All I can say is………. Bravo!😀

Richard H. Mak, Analog Editor