Robert Koda Takumi K-15 EX preamplifier official announcement

Robert Koda Takumi K-15 EX NEW preamplifier created grand stir. I’ve asked Robert Koch for the more information and here is his the official announcement:
Two years to the day the Takumi K-15 preamplifier was launched to the worlds most discerning audiophiles. Today we launch the K-15 EX. Every bit K-15 but better. 

Notably, performance from the upper mid – range thru ultrasonic range has been both technically and sonically improved.

Resolution, liquidity and the ability to float an image into the ether are poised perfectly with the rich and powerful lower midrange and bass the original K-15 is especially loved for.
To celebrate sublime sonics of K-15 EX and distinguish from the original K-15, new visual cues are added – An underpinning gold insert and new logo complete the harmonious visuals.

All production units are now fully K-15 EX “loaded” while owners of the original K-15 may use our upgrade service – Contact your distributor for details. 
Robert told me, that site will be updated with the K-15 EX very soon.