Rose-Handwerk’s latest speakers, that are designed in cooperation with Joachim Gerhard. Every speaker can be fully individualized. Rose-Handwerk uses solid wood, lacquer, glass, and metal for their enclosures. The customer can pick up the color, the type of wood and in some cases also other design aspects… This unique and special loudspeaker consists of an inner and outer (curved) shell and on the innards, there is 20kg of sand on each side. The curved sidewalls are made of solid wood (smoked oak). The white painted front is 40mm thick. All of the Rose-Handwerk loudspeakers come with 40mm thick front baffles.

Technology: the loudspeaker is a sealed box design with active bass and passive high-midrange section. Also fully active on request. On the photo you can see the silk dome version, but also aluminum and beryllium tweeters are possible.

The price depends on the type of housing and the technology used. Price range from € 4,000.00 per piece to approx. € 12,000.00.