SA Lab Bravo ultra high end system

Three-piece tube amplifying set SA Lab Bravo is at the head of SA Lab amplifiers’ range.
While designing and producing Bravo Mr. Syomin has been adopting only the most insignificant compromises and restrictions. Не refused expenditures not aimed to extraordinary high sound quality. Bravo preamplifier include four channels: two balanced and two unbalanced and two 24-steps volume controls for left and right channels based on custom made transformer with 24 secondary windings. There is no balance control.
Uncompromised and very complicated custom made output EI-core transformers (670 W each) do their job in monoblocks. They were produced using ultra high quality German furnace iron. These transformers are principally designed for 4 Ohm load.
Designer provided separate power supplies both for main and auxiliary circuits due to separate toroidal transformers. There are transformers for heating, anode, biasing, energizing circuits and meters.
Bravo monoblock output tubes are eight painstakingly selected 6с19п triodes in parallel. One 6ж43п pentode (the very musical tube too) operates as driver. Balanced inputs are realized with the aid of input transformers.
Preamplifier holds four 6ж43п. All tubes used were manufactured in USSR in 1970s and have military grade certificates.
Among highest quality electronic components there are capacitors custom made especially for Bravo in South Korea (22000 mF/ 400 V), Epcos capacitors and legendary BlackGate FK for bias circuit.
Very rigid and absolutely resonance free chassis are machined from strongest 12-mm aluminum and 2-mm steel plates with antiresonance coating.
Each complicated amplifiers’ leg includes two steel cones: one between enclosure and mighty thick aluminum beam and another one to pod.

Front panels are made of polished glossy Corian (a lot of colours available) and have meters as well as output tubes anode heating and voltage indications on monoblocks.

Output power (4 Оhm, 2 V, max./nom.), W — 32/20

Signal-to-noise ratio, dB — 96

Output impedance, Ohm — 0,7

Preamplifier dimensions, mm — 255 х 450 х 460

Monobock dimensions, mm — 500 х 450 х 460

Weight (preamplifier/monoblock), kg — 28/69