Savo Velikinac from Serbia Serbia is manufacturing audio equipment for more than 30 years. He’ work counts hundreds of differently built loudspeakers and some wood/audio/artistic-related pieces. In order to improve the quality of the high-end audio sound system, he has been experimenting and testing with the demagnetization of vinyl and CDs. 

He came to the conclusion that within all the audio components that he has (an excellent system) demagnetization of media highly improves the sound.

He reports that audiophiles who have tried the devices were amazed by the sound improvements they have got. 
These new devices were exhibited on 2 Hi-File Fairs in Belgrade (Hi-Files Show Holiday Inn 2019 and Belgrade Audio Video Show 2019 Crowne Plaza) where they’ve had an outstanding response.
On the photos, you can see three Demagnetizer products…
  • CD Demagnetizer
  • VINYL/CD Demagnetizer
  • VINYL Demagnetizer