Schnerzinger ESSENTIAL Line series

The Schnerzinger ESSENTIAL Line is focused on the essentials, with the individual components, all developed and assembled to a high standard. Unlike TS LINE, this series has no quality levels and no optional accessories. 

Intriguing Sound quality

Even in the Schnerzinger entry-level series, the demands on the conductor material should be at the highest level, the development team agreed. The challenge in the development phase was great, but it was possible to optimally integrate the cost-intensive ATOMIC BONDING process into this design.

The ESSENTIAL Line is concentrated on the essentials, whereby its individual components are all developed and put together on a high level. In contrast to the TS LINE, there are no quality levels and no optional accessories within this series.

Intuitive concept & fair price

The advantages of the Schnerzinger ESSENTIAL LINE are obvious:

  • An intuitive concept and a fair price for a quality that will undoubtedly provide the experienced HiFi listener with many unforgettable and enchanting music moments.

The cable of the ESSENTIAL LINE are available in analog and digital: POWER – RCA – XLR – PHONO – SPEAKER – SPDIF (75Ω) – AES/EBU (110Ω) – BNC

Problem of electrical interference of cable

The cables of the audio system – in particular shielded – act like antennas, almost attracting high-frequency electrical interfering fields from the environment caused by WLAN, mobile phones, DECT phones, etc. and conducting them directly into the signal path of the devices.

Darüber hinaus verteilen handelsübliche Kabel ohne bidirektionale Sperrfunktion die aus dem Stromnetz und die von den Geräten selbst ausgehenden Störfelder auf alle mit ihnen verbundenen Geräte.

The antenna and distribution function of the cables massively and directly affects the quality of the devices thus being the sound killer of an audio system.

Today no longer the components of a cable but the effectiveness of its high-frequency protection concept determines the sound quality!

Interesting: a higher-quality conductor material transmits interfering fields even more effectively.

Previous solution approaches and their limitations:

  • Although shielding meshwork and foils keep low-frequency interfering fields away from the conductor, they increase the antenna effect of cables for high-frequency interfering fields.
  • Discharging to protective grounding opens the door for interfering fields already present on protective earth.
  • Series as well as parallel filters, capacitors and diodes, which are commonly used in or on cables, are designed to minimize interfering fields, but tend to slow down electrons and delay transmission, reducing bandwidth and speed of signal transmission throughout the audio system.
  • The compromises of these solution approaches may be the lesser evil with regard to their benefits; the comparison to the SCHNERZINGER solution clearly shows the limits.