Science Shows There’s Only One Real Way to Listen to Music?

Another provoking and interesting article from Mic. Below are two of such statements from the article:
But that’s exactly how we listen now. Recently collected Spotify data illustrates how short our musical attention spans have become. There’s only about a 50% chance we’ll actually make it to the end of a song. If people are barely listening to a song once all the way through, they’re likely not returning to build those emotional connections. If they do, they might not have a foundational experience on which to form them.

If that’s paired with a lo-fi recording, it becomes hard to experience the music in a deep emotional way. Research shows that musical quality has a huge effect on emotional response. A recent study performed by audio researchers at DTS divided a group of listeners into two groups — one that watched a video accompanied by standard stereo 96-kbps sound (Spotify’s default audio setting) and the other group listened in 256-kbps audio format. The responses in the brains of the group listening with the 256-kbps audio were 14% more powerful on metrics measuring memory creation and 66% higher on pleasure responses. And this was just 96 to 256 kbps.