Shunyata Nagra HD Preamp Experience

Shunyata Research writes: “Nagra HD Preamp sounded very good after just two days of use. After 4 days or so of use, we were unprepared for the degree of improvement we encountered. Compared to running direct with the Rossini DAC, the Nagra HD PREAMP adds a 3rd dimension to instruments and voice that brings music more to life than we’ve experienced anywhere previously.

There is a wider and deeper sound field, but more importantly sound is more impactful with more texture and believable weight and authority. Orchestral music washes over us and fills the room but has more weight and dimension, less compression. Choral music is well defined and we can more easily hear and feel the resonance of the space and hall the music is created in. Dyamic scale is increased at lower volume. We can appreciate the artists intent and the mood being set with more ease. Even the nuance of the pressure applied to a Cello or a piano pedal is more evident. We were very surprised adding the HD PREAMP affected so many areas of resolution and scale in a positive way.

Anyway, suffice it to say the the HD PREAMP has exceeded expectations in every regard and we are now listening to music for more extended periods of time and more frequently than before. Even streamed music sounds as if it has higher definition and less noise to distract us from enjoyment.

Of course, connecting the HD to our Altaira grounding hub made yet another improvement. I would say the HD PREAMP is the best gift we’ve received this Holiday.

I’ll certainly be recommending such an incredible product to all of our key industry and retail partners because of the enormous benefit it brings to music replay. The HD PREAMP at its best is a transformational product.

Congratulations to the team at Nagra for building such an exquisite sounding product and for the service you’ve provided in helping us along the path to achieving such amazing performance.”